IKYO Agape Review

Before I begin, I’d like to say that I have never reviewed a yo-yo before, so this review is not going to be very in depth, and probably not very good. But, I figured that I’d try something new, so bear with me.

First Impression:

When I first got the Agape, the first thing I noticed was the shape. The shape is almost like an X-ConVict shape, with a Swirly-like gap and steps. It fit pretty well in the hand with a 53mm diameter, reminding me of my Bully. I opened it up to see the guts and found a size C bearing with flowable silicone response, not an unusual combo. I did notice that the axle was pretty short and was worried that it might unscrew, but it screwed in tightly to the other half. I wasn’t sure how this would affect play. The finish on this yo-yo is raw… Not much more I can say about this other than that it feels like a raw yo-yo should. Well, enough examining, Let’s get onto the play!

On the Throw:

On the string the Agape feels solid and kinda meaty. But at the same time, it has kind of a floatiness to it. I know this sounds contradictory, but it some how balaces the two feelings to make it its own, unique, feeling. As you can expect from modern metal yo-yo’s, the Agape is smooth and vibe-free. I’m not a fast player, but it feels like it can go faster than I have the ability to make it go. The silicone response and large bearing work great together, although I get an occasional slip from it at low speeds. But I suppose this is normal for most large-gapped o-yo’s. Stability on this yo-yo is satisfacory. I mean, it’s no Genesis, but it can hold its own. I’m thinking that if it had more rim-weight, it might take away from some of its floaty-ish feeling that Icthus might have been going for when he made this. Grinds on this yo-yo are decent for a raw yo-yo. The shape is really nice for arm grinds, and good enough for finger grinds. The IRG lip is really pronounced, allowing for easy IRG catches. Despite the small axle I mentioned earlier, the Agape has not unscrewed once on me throughout over a week of play.
Never fear 5A players, the Agape does not disappoint. Its weight allows it to nicely balance with a counterweight. Regens on this yo-yo are solid, always regenerating perfectly straight. The gap is wide enough to allow multiple wraps for stall tricks.

Final Thoughts:

Mr. Moss, I commend you for making a fine product. Overall, the Agape gets a “Thumbs-Up” from me! I think that the Agape is a unique yo-yo that will fit in with any yo-yo player’s collection.

Wow really nice first review, you should write reviews more often!

Nice but you should probably add pictures next time you write a review, which hopefully is soon because that was a great review.

You need to give yourself more credit. That may have been a short review but you hit all the details without a bunch of nonsense I see in a lot of other reviews. Very good review and thank you for your words. I’m happy you got exactly what I was looking for.

Great review, but I would love some pix of this bad boy! ;D

Thanks for the nice comments guys! :slight_smile: I might put pics up later, but I feel kinda lazy now. :stuck_out_tongue:

pics is the only improvement I can offer. Are you sure this is your first reveiw?

All these photos are not mine, but Shalicto’s from the Extremespin forum…

Looks legit. Any news on when/if the are shipping to stores?