powdercoated Agape / trades welcome


One of a kind. You don’t see powder coating like this done anywhere.

This yoyo is mostly black with green speckles. It has a very slight vibe but doesn’t effect play whatsoever. It’s Brand new and only thrown twice to check out the coating. I have not weighed it but I’m guessing around 72-75 grams.

Trades now welcome.

I give you the snotty agape. SOLD

I’m asking $95 plus $5 for shipping.

This one has a little vibe. Still plays really well though. $45



If I had the cash, I’d snap that up like NOW.

Anyone who hasn’t played an Agape, you don’t know what you’re missing. And if you haven’t played a Agape, seriously, why haven’t you?

You’ll be hearing from me! Got no issue with the price either!

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-13$ For me I presume?
What do you mean by Insane?
600$ worth of Yoyo’s insane.
a Lost yoyo that is very rare like an OXY.
-Confused here-/
I would really love to buy this thing but trades is only what I can afford!
I suggest you buy this right now! It is stunning.


I just meant a really good trade deal. I’d prefer money though.








Have good offer but not sure if I want it.




Taking trades now. :wink:


What would be considered a decent plastic? Bearings you can just order here for VERY cheap. http://www.bocabearings.com/productdetail.aspx?ItemID=16840&StoreID=32

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Free bump for you.
Answer your Pm’s!


bump. New yoyo coming in original post.


OK now the new yoyo is up.


bump again…price drop on green agape.


Friday the 13th bump!!


saturday the 14th bump


black/green agape gone.


Just the pink one. It’s perty and would be great for a collection.

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