Selling a few things


I need money desperately, so all yoyo’s are for sale ONLY.
All prices include shipping.
All yoyo’s come with lots of string.
U.S. Only.
Pay-pal perferd, but let me know what you got.
No pics now, very busy, pics very soon.

DTI Beast-
Plays very nice, normal raw marks. I polished it when i got it. there is one long scratch from previous owner, not noticable unless you really look for it. $50 OBO

MINT. Only thrown a few times, brand new when i bought it. No raws marks, no scratch’s.
Fun shape. $60 OBO.

CLYW Avalanche-
MINT MINT MINT. Yellow with black splash. Only thrown a few times, it has only touched my hands. It has a wierd ano defect, not sure if it is, just the black on it in a few spots isent as black as the other splash, gold feeds through. other wise perfect, original everything. I will throw in a Kevlar string for fun $110

Mad House EPIC-
Silver and blue. Mint besides a small black mark, i hit my phone. plays awsome, ta-tas broken in nicely. I really dont want to get rid of this guy. Original everything, tool, box and sticker. kevlar string also. $115

ILYY/General-yo Torino-
MINTY MINTY. Holding on to this if no one wants it, my favorite yoyo. I am the only person to ever thorw this. Smooth, a real beauty. Only 9 of these exist. Kevlar string is a must. $130