Selling Ickyo Agape.


Made by Ickyo, this yoyo is sort of shaped like an x-con, if you didn’t know. I will include 1 concave bearing with it, though the bearing is loud and can spin for around 5 seconds, it is free. Say you don’t want it if you do not.

Pictures of damages and the profile.


There may be an offer, but nothing’s written in stone just yet.

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will you trade for an ENEME or Dark Magic?

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No need to double post. There is a handy modify button :smiley: :smiley:


When I click the modify button, a green bar comes up at the top of my screen that says “please wait”. It doesn’t seem to ever change. Am I just being impatient, and I need to wait longer?

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Or ya know, you could not post in the B/S/Ts about this, and take it to general


So, What are you asking for? i can scrape together a Sili’d big deal, a well used DM and up to $80, so please tell me how much money you are asking for


The Agape is gone.


ohh… then why doesn’t he move it.


Sorry guys, I was mixed up in the order with psin, sorry for not paying attention. I respond to PM’s, no matter what, so try so next time.

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