If your a string maker your gonna want to read this (Buddy Jim reviews Wawak)


So as a fair chunk of you know I Buddy Jim am a string maker. I enjoy the subtle differences that different brands of Polyester bring, and I enjoy the vast differences of thread like Wooly Nylon, and Embroidery thread bring. It has been my plan for the last little while to try a bunch of different, and I mean different thread types, and I found a great way to do this. It is something of a subtle secret of mine that I like Wawak sewing supplies. http://www.wawak.com/

The way I was introduced to this group is simple. I wanted bright thread, and this company came up first. (Though they were Atlanta Thread at the time.) It is important to note that Wawak is not just a group that provides the largest selection of thread that string makers will enjoy, but it is also note worthy that they have the best price. My personal favorite item to compare with the competition is Maxi-Lock Serger Polyester. While it has a suggest price of $4.59 (a price that many stores over look and charge greater than) Wawak charges only 1.99. This happens with most of their selection. How do they offer it so low? They don’t advertise. If you don’t have adds you don’t pay for them, or in the case of Wawak the customers don’t pay for them. Now that’s something I can stand behind.

Now I know that with online orders we need to feel like we can trust the group we are ordering from. If we didn’t trust YYE we wouldn’t be here. Well I just want to say that when it comes to Wawak I trust them not only to come through on an order, but to do a super awesome job. Take for example my last order. I ordered a lot of stuff, and one of my items that came through was wrong. When I called to inform them of this I pictured myself being questioned to an insane degree, then paying to return the product I didn’t order the waiting weeks for my product to come in. None of this happened. When I explained my case the guy on the phone said he would have proper item shipped quickly, and that I should just keep the other product and “hopefully I can use it.” Let me just say customer service like this is rare. Not just the way they help people either, the attitude of every agent I talked to was bright and cheerful. Whether it was placing an order, or confirming delivery each person I spoke with had a super nice attitude.

In a short time I hope to offer an in depth review of the threads that I bought from Wawak. Thus far I am excited I have found a real gem that I am excited about.

In the mean time If any string makers out there want some suggestions, or if you a little curious about the site feel free to PM me, and I can offer advice on stuff.

In case you skim through everything and just want to know my simple opinion here it is
Wawak Rocks

Thread review is up. I will be updating as I go http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,40390.msg388270.html#msg388270


I think that the shipping for that thread would have cost them more than letting you keep it. Ill definitely check out that site though :slight_smile:


Yeah, but some companies would make you ship it back just based on company policy or some crap.


Just wondering, did you get any rayon thread?


No I already have 3 spools of it. Unfortunately Wawak also doesn’t have it, but if you don’t already have some I can advise you on where to find some. Personally I did get to try the embroidery thread Wawak sells, and I like it better than Rayon. If you’re interested in knowing what it is it is Gunold Embroidery Thread. In the search box just put THD2, (That’s the product code) and it will take you right to them.


Thread review is up for anyone who want’s to see what I have found so far.