Making string

I’m looking to start making my own string but don’t know how to do it or what I need to do it. Note I’m not looking to sell but really just for my own personal use. I would appreciate anything from what materials to use, where to buy them, and any tips y’all have. I also want to make them high quality so that I may sell them if I ever decide to do so.

As an experienced string maker -

The best place to get (most) materials is They have unbelievably low prices (a third of what my local sewing store offers), incredible customer service and incredibly fast shipping. I simply cannot recommend them highly enough.

Best material I can recommend is Maxilock thread.

It’s the same stuff I use to make the strings I compete with (with a little extra added - but I won’t tell what that is :slight_smile: )

It’s extremely cheap at about $.04 per string, very soft, and plays very, very well, if you can make the string correctly. It does tend to be a little finicky though… a small change in the production process can make the world of difference between a good string and a bad string. Make sure to fiddle around with your setup to see what works best.

There are plenty of guides floating around the internet. This is the one I started with

Here is my guide for improving string rig efficiency, if you’re into that kind of thing. Also it gives some tips on how to make string making easier.,50588.msg498188.html