If You want to post an in-def Mod to a yoyo...

There’s a site instructables.com , that allows you to make an account (fast process, safe) and then post step by step tutorials. I was just wondering if any of you would like to make an in-def tutorial on a mod. You can also post slideshows. You can upload images as well. Just… If anybody wants to use it.

(I thought this should go in the modifications section because it concerned them, correct me if I am wrong)

Do you mean “in depth”? Besides there are so many mod tuts online that this site isn’t necessary. Decent idea though.

…yea… but -very- few good ones.

I need to get set back up with my cam again and do live modding again I think…


if my lathe was better then i’d do that too. But i digress. it just too old. I need a taig.