"How I Mod" videos?


Who would want to see vids like this?


bearing conversions


etc?? what’s everyone’s input here ?


i want to see an al5 in my hands :wink:


Landon, I think everyone would love to see some mod vids by you.


I saw the title and was thinking “Does he mean ‘edit’? Is he wondering how to edit videos?”

I’d love to see how you work your magic.




(rizkiyoist) #8


two words:




(WildCat23) #12

I want to see the making of a yoyo from scratch.



Ha well that pretty much answers that-- I’ll be making some! Probably won’t be for some time, but definitely sooner than later-- stay tuned I’ll be sure to let everyone know what I put out :wink:

I’d been wanting to do a how I make yoyos from scratch vid fora while, just don’t want anyone rippin’ the idea hahaha


Maybe, instead of showing the making of one of your currently selling designs, just do a real basic one. Something like a 45-degree gap with a flat rim and a straight bore in the side, that’s not breaking new designing ground or anything. It would still give people an idea of how your yoyos are made, but not necessarily the opportunity to rip off your designs. Besides, anyone with the skills to do that are probably going to come up with their own procedure for machining a yoyo anyway… ;D


Honestly though, I’d probably get them sent somewhere to be done well. ::slight_smile:



Thanks for your support!! Here’s the first one!!! Let me know what you think/things I can do better/new topics you’d like to see covered!! :slight_smile:


Nice tut and all but can you show how to do it on a regular lathe maybe? or a drill press? ;D


Truth be known, that is a regular lathe.