Manual lathe yoyo machining

Hey all, I’m just beginning yoyoing as of a few weeks ago and I want to try my hand at turning a yoyo. I have access to a full machine shop at my school and I was wondering if there are any full videos, by that I mean the entire process, of someone machining a yoyo from a hunk of aluminum, celcon, delrin, whatever. I’m a very visual learner and my instructor wont help me machine this yoyo until he and I both have an understanding of what I need to do. I understand it will not be an easy process and my first yoyo will come out wobbly and unbalanced, but considering I have everything I need for free, why not. Thanks for any and all help I can get.

I would say nearly any video on lathe working would be sufficient to get you started in the right direction.

Celcon is done like injection molded plastic, so you will want to remove that from your list. I would also question your instructor if he’s unwilling to SHOW you how to operate the lathe. You should understand basic operations of that machine before you even attempt anything. I would suggest starting off with a baseball bat or rail posts for a stairway to get started, or at least something decorative and round.

Then the rest, is going to be lots of practice.

mrcnja has posted some really nice looking pictures of some wooden yoyos he’s turned on his lathe. I’m not sure how playable they are, but he gets the whole concept of what needs to be done, as well as finishing the product with staining, painting and other finishing treatments.

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I would start with spinning simple things like tops. Or if you don’t mind waiting, you can wait until worlds, where they have (atleast they did last year) an intro to lathes workshop.

Mr. Bist has quite a few vids on YouTube which will give you a pretty fun look into machining and modding. Just search for Bist on YouTube. They aren’t beginner tutorials, but they’re still a lot of fun.
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thanks everybody, I should have this yoyo turned out by tuesday at the very latest, I’ll see if i can get pics or even a video even if it turns out being a hunk of unusable scrap metal.

Most likely your first one will be a wobble monster. And good luck.