If you have the old version, should you get the new?

I have the old ONE. should I get the new ONE, is it any better? Or even other yoyos, if you have the first version, should you get the second.

Me, I buy the new version if there is something new about the yoyo such as a better axle system or response system. Other than that if there are new colorways I might dish out some cash. Otherwise I don’t bother. I’d rather put that money into another yoyo.

New doesn’t necessarily mean better. Look at the 888. Many will agree that the original, 07 888 was the best, and the 888x, a more recent one, is the worst.


If the newer versions specs warrant an upgrade I’ll get it. I have like 4 888’s haha, and I would have to agree on that, big cat, the 07 888 cannot be beat. My 888x just wont do it for me like the original. Good, but not as good. If you feel like you want to shell out the cash and if you have it, I guess go ahead if you think you need it.