If you had to choose one...

If you had to choose 1 $100 metal throw, what would it be.

Royale w/ Cheese.

Benchmark O
Benchmark H



I can’t answer this question. Partly because it feels like you’re looking for help picking out a yoyo and I have no idea what your preferences are and partly because I’ve got expensive taste and tend to stay away from sub-$100 yoyos.

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I’m nor, I’m just asking what you guys would like and what is your favorite.

Code 1. I would by ALL the Code 1’s.

quake! best yoyo ever!

You posted this at 3:33:33 lol, ringmaster

OD cascade

General yo majesty, although it’s 110 I think. Spyy revenger maybe

He said ONE :smiley: haha but good choices.

Werrd Irony JP 2013. Not because its my favorite(tho its definitely up there), but because its the full package.

-Low wall
-monster at all grinds finger/arm/thumb/palm/fingerspins, everything
-nice shape, great looking

It’s also fun and fast, which I love.

What more could you ask for? It specializes in all of my tricks. Technical, horizontal, fingerspins.

When the tooHOT comes out, I won’t see sunlight for days.

I agree! I won’t as well I can’t wait!


I think I would go with a Code 2. I have heard tons of great things about it, and it doesn’t seem like it could be a bad choice. I’d go for it. If I had $100 that is. ;D

B-grade General-Yo Prestige.

Probably a G2 Quake

Eternal throw victory and OD Cascade trailing behind

I’m dying to pick up my Prestige at CalStates!