If you had around 800$ what would you spend it on?

You spend it on NEON THREAD of course!


yoyoGstring restock coming soon to YoYoExpert.



Well I’m sure we’ll see some of that floating around in the near future, in one form or another. :wink:

How many strings worth of thread is that?

Eleventeen thousand and 3.

Hmmm…a thread about thread and gsimian stringing us along. Imagine that! :wink:

I can’t wait. ;D


I was walking by a condo the other day and noted an interesting name on the realtor sign… Rebecca Pun. You should call her up and marry her.

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YES!!! :smiley:

G-String! Yes!!

Who wouldn’t buy thread??


I thought this was another one of “those” threads… Was totally going to say donate to the poor. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d buy as many of my wish list yoyos as $800 would get me. :slight_smile:

I yarn for gstring

That would get me about 80% of one of two identical microphones I need to get.

Well I’d spend it on a subscription to “Internetz for Dummies” for all the necro posters… :wink:

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I’d buy a guitar.

I think you’re gonna need a larger budget!