if you had 125$

5 Fast 201s, 2 Hayabusa or a Flying V

10 ball doesn’t fit in a Cut

I would buy two dv888’s

who woulda guessed

LOL… when I saw “Last Post By: Mitch Ginder In: if you had $125” I knew you were going to say dv888’s.

I would buy 41 Imperials for $3 each.

Since 125 can’t buy a Kamui, I’d get a P2 and another Big Yo

Id buy a p2 then go mad with the rest lol uhh btw JRam nice munny dunny or whatever

I’d buy a couple of the metal rimmed YYJ’s and bearings and such for them.

i want to have all the yoyojam yoyos on this website so i want these
(All YoyoJam)
4)Big Ben
5)Big YO
6) New Breed

duncan neon wheels, all 3 colors =]

A buncha FHZ’s To paint! :smiley:

A GITD Freehand Zero, some chaos string, glow thread, and a Genesis.

However, I’m gonna have $155 in a week. :stuck_out_tongue:

Would our trade somehow be part of that 155 you are acquiring? lol

I would get a boss or a genesis, and some gatorfloss or a kk.

I’d get the atmosphere and a DV888. What’s left goes towards string. :smiley:

I’d get a C13, DIE-NASTY, and a New Breed.

keep spinning


Gloves, New Breed, string, bearing, PGM

I would get a BigYo and and Wooly Marmot.

I change my mind.
I’d get the New Breed, Mini Motu, and Counter Attack.

Counter-Attack, X-ConVict, and 3x Sunset Trajectory NXG’.

Night Moves 5 and Pocket Change

B!ST H2 and a Counter Attack.