if you had 125$

if you had 125 dollars what would you do with it. i would buy an azxion grind michiane and a speedmkaer ;D ;D ;D ;D :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

i would give it to pheenix

it has to be on yoyos

I would get a Cut and a ten ball to go with it.

Never says we HAVE to use it on yo-yos.

… … …

I’d get some 201s.

I would buy a BOSS, and save the rest.

1 BOSS, 1 New Breed.


BOSS, another Legacy, and a BigYo…

Save it, then splurge on a Gold Pure when I get the chance.

Buy a BOSS, save a little more, and get either a genesis or a c13

BOSS and save for either the ENEME or Axiom or Genisis

I would buy a Pyro Light then buy a KK.

A Wolly Marmot. and use the rest on string and such.

YYF DNA. Enough said.

In the main post it never says.

The new Yoyojam Atmosphere, Yoyojam Dark Magic, and then save about 40$ and get a Genesis.

If I had $125 I would spend it on bearings! I gots a lot to buy!!

Idk what I would get if i had 125 doller signs :stuck_out_tongue: