If you all haven't seen this...

You should. Some of the best 1A ever in my opinion.
And of course, Dana’s insane 5A.


Thanks for posting this Awesome video with awesome tricks and Awesome players and awesome music 8)

Yeah, It’s that awesome.

i must admit i thought there was a knot… and the trampoline thing was cool

that was the greatest display of skill ive seen in a while.

I agree, thats some of the best 1a I’ve seen in a while.

I’m guessing this is 2007? Back when Dana was with Buzzon? Awesome video, can’t belive I havn’t seen this yet. ??? ;D

cool :slight_smile:

Thanks josh for posting. Dana’s 5a is so good.

Yep, Back when Dana was on Buzzon.
I love his 5A style so much, its so tech but smooth.
Makes me want to throw 5A. Haha.
And yeah the vid was made in late 06/ 07 I think.
My fave year for “modern” 1A was 06 for sure, I loved the stuff that came out then.


This is one of my all time favorite yoyo vids. Dana blows me away. O_O""

Need moar tech 1a. :o