If there was one moment...


If there was one moment in your yoyo career you could relive, what would it be?


I wouldn’t call what I have a ‘yoyo career’ by any means :stuck_out_tongue: but when I opened my Jackie Moon fade P2 about half a second after the mail arrived that day. I can’t remember what I ended up doing with it now though, it was so long ago :’(


Ok so there have been a few but this one still eats at me to this day. Many years ago back when I was administrator for Dave’s store and his forums there was a clique/group called Team Mysterious Raccoon. It was really open to anyone, didn’t mean anything but help people like they belonged. They even had a couple of custom yoyos like the Buzz-On Blaze with their logo on.

One night on Dave’s forum, Tom Van Dan Elzen (owner of Playmaxx) got into an argument with some of the TMR kids. I don’t remember what it was about, but Tom started posting pictures of raccoon road kill trying to be funny. I requested that he stop, Tom and I were pretty close friends at that point, I’d helped him out on a lot of online projects and he had given me many gifts including prototypes and other things. Tom wouldn’t stop, so I kicked him off the forums. It was intended as a temporary thing until everything calmed down, but Tom took it very badly and it deeply hurt his relationship with me, Dave and the community in general. It lead (I believe) directly to him leaving the community altogether, which is a shame because he brought a lot of historical knowledge about everything including of course the entire history of Playmaxx.

Anyway, I wish I could do that night over, I’d handle it differently and maybe Tom would still be part of the community.


Once, I was walking down the street playing my Chief (1st run blue aww yeeeah) and I had just gotten a bearing knot. I unscrewed it, took the string off, and screwed it back together. I then tried to a flick start and my Chief went bouncing down the sidewalk. I had forgotten to put the string BACK ON.

I wish I could relive that moment because it was absolutely hilarious.


First time I landed double or nothing.
Felt so good ;D

(LordCanti) #6

Practicing tricks with my Velocity on the bus ride to ski team.


When I got this for doing a demo at my sons school

(DOGS) #8

I want to relive the period where every last thing about yoyo was exciting.

(major_seventh) #9

I’d want that moment when I was first starting out, and learning new tricks was just so special. Now, it’s only about those string hits and trying to come up with freestyles….

The good ol days as a noob :smiley:


All I can picture is this happening on a steep downhill and never being able to catch up with it then it goes in a lake for some reason, and it’s horrifying

(major_seventh) #11

I don’t know about how many people actually laugh out loud when they say lol, but I just did. Nice XD


Like a week after I started yoyoing I was so fascinated an ecstatic at all the cool things about yoyoing, and I felt on cloud 9 when I went to Worlds the first time too so those are a couple of moments


Lookimg at all the cool yoyos on yyn, knowing I would never own any of them.


There are so many I would love to relive here are a few iconic moments that come to mind

  1. When I first got an unresponsive Yoyo I was so excited an bouncing off the walls when it came in the mail.
  2. First Yoyo competition I got 2 free yoyos when I went there that and I had like the best time of my life
  3. Getting in the newspaper for the first time I thought it was the coolest thing. (little did I know that a year later I would get in another newspaper)

(Zammy Ickler ) #15

Winning/being allowed to recieve the trick innovator of the year award at the U.S. National Yoyo Contest held in Chico, California.

One of those defining moments of my life.



When I got my klr, it was like heaven compared to my entheos. It was so smooth, but now it’s beaten up pretty good.

(major_seventh) #17

When I got my first General Yo, a lost essence.

BTW, I traded it a month later, and a couple weeks later was very disappointed I did so.

Soooo, about a year later I found it and traded for it back.

Was so happy to have my first general yo back! Great memories.


Definately meeting Cordell Hooley, without him i would not even know about the community as a whole :stuck_out_tongue:


I need something to make that now.

Prolly going to my first contest. It was amazing, I met some great people just an overall nice time.


Just a question, but does everyone just walk up to everyone and start talking at contests? Or do you like, search out people you know, have heard of, or what? Don’t know when/if I’ll ever be going to any but I am curious.