If I asked YYE when I am completing my order...

to make say, A cascade half purple half orange, would they do it? Like in the notes section when you order

Probably not because then they would need to modify the existing stock to reflect another half and half.

This would also mess with the way OneDrop originally assembled the yoyos, including production colorway run totals. Halves are also matched and tested to minimize vibe.

Try purchasing a solid color and then trading halves afterwards on the BST.

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don’t ask us. ask Andre.

Thats what I thought. Thanks for answering so quickly!

I’m glad to prove Jason Wong wrong. He made 4 Bape Cascades, where i got one of them, because i asked if he could do a Bape Cascade. Though it have to be said that the bape colorway is rather popular and not to risky to do for him.
And about the tuning and vibe? OD made the SE-system partially because they wanted people to be able to “modify” their yoyos

I didn’t know you tuned OD yoyos. i thought you stuck them in with the O ring and stuff.

I said modify and with that meant changing SE’s. Did you read what jason wong said?

SEs are actually part of the bearing seat, so the bearing and the halves don’t really even touch very much,

Ah, exceptions can be made, nice to see that Andre did this for you. Yet another example of YYE going above and beyond the call of duty! :slight_smile:

Typically, however, I would expect that retailers would not want to mix and match halves from stocked units. Even SE yoyos need to be tested as an assembled whole. If retailers haphazardly mixed halves, how could OneDrop guarantee the performance of their yoyos?