Just ordered a solid Blue Cascade! They dropped a bunch of new colorways, including two solids. For those of you waiting for the solid color Cascades, I hope you like green and blue!

the green and blue are great solid colors - I grabbed a 50/50… love’n it

I agree. Bape is awesome.

Lots of new colorways. Would love to see some pics.

Agreed! There are no pics up there and I would really like to get one.

Virtually every store got custom colorways… the best way to see them is to go visit each store from here to Japan to Europe (many are sold out, but you can still see them)…

At one time, if you walked into the OD shop there was a sea of different colorways in the shelf…

In my house (we have many yoyo-ers) we have around 7 different ones…
Zombie Storm
Horse head
and two first run (not proto) colorways that I don’t know the names of - they’re pictured on the show off your od thread…

The beauty of it is I don’t think any two are set up exactly the same (between SE’s and bearings)

I have a bape one:)

I have an unengraved wasteland cascade :smiley: and my friend has an all-g midnight storm and nickel cascade