looking for blue spike SEs


Im looking for blue spike SEs for OD yoyos. Im offering cash.

Im willing to buy a yoyo that just happens to come with them as well.

PM me if you have any for sale!


Have you considered the store here at YYE? They are in stock.


I wanted to do that, but i really dont want a solid color and thats all they have :confused: i actually facebook messaged them and they said they arent making any for a while so this is kinda my only choice.


this makes sense. I got one of the last non-solids that YYE had. The blue with pink and black speckle. It is not my favorite wrath finish I’ve seen, but it is very popular with my non yoyo friends. They all seem drawn to it. There are many other wrath finishes I would trade for in a heartbeat though.

(2Sick Joey) #5

I own one of the solid colors and a friend own the other solid color and imo they look awesome! The solid colors really show the curves on the yoyo well.


Best-looking Wrath ever made was the solid black one that somebody was using as an avatar for a while…!


Yeah I don’t know what it was about that all black proto, but man. Its seriously one of the best looks ever. I know MattB still has one, I think Joey had one but lost it(dork lol). I would trade crazy crazy well if one were available out in the wild.


I would send mine out for blast and black ano, but:

a) the DS blast is incredible. I don’t want to fart with it
b) my wife picked this one out for me (red with black and white) and she would have a sad if I modified it


Can anyone attest to the solid green that YYE has for sale? I would get the gold but that looks too much like my code2 haha.

(2Sick Joey) #10

The solid turqiouse looks amazing! My friend has that color and It looks great. Its one of my favorite solids on any yoyo.


See if you can pick off a used one that has some mild damage. You can have it blasted and damage removed then send it out for ano.


Does that effect the play of it a lot?

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