If 2 yoyos had a baby...


What would be your favorite yoyo hybrid. Like…

I would like to try the “Chief rings” on a Canvas… That yoyo would be SO COOL :wink:

A Lochness MonStar with Chief rings would be cool too…


This is an odd thing to post at 3 A.M… Trying to think a little more out of the box…
I think side effects would go great on a titanium. What do you with chief rings on a canvas? Isnt just like… a smaller chief…

(themikedurdak) #3

Or an arctic circle shaped like a marmot.


Chief shaped like a freq wave


I want a chief and an H5 combo.

oh wait…


A mighty flea and a puffin!


here we go again :confused:

If the Avalanche and the drop bear had a baby, i would buy it


it kinda already is shaped like a freq wave



A chief and a cascade.


Just got me thinking… I’d love to see a titanium mini throw. Just saying


I don’t think chief rings on a canvas is a smaller chief because chief is more of a V shaped while canvas is more of a rounded H shape. I think it would be like a canvas… with more rim weight…

What? Cmon if CLYW and General Yo got together again but made the Lochnesss MonStar with CHIEF RINGS?? That would be awesome. It would play so different.


any CLYW with the burnside.


Di base and legacy2 together! And the yo-yos name would be Di legacy!


What exactly is the Lochness Monstar? Can’t seem to find it on Google.


welcome to the club


I just want to see a picture of the Lochness MonStar and then I will be happy. You always say it is real, but yet you have never posted a picture of it. I also cannot find it on Google or if I search the forum.

I don’t mean to bash or anything. I’m just asking for a picture of it.


Only thing I was able to find:


A big deal and a G5. It would be like a mighty flea with Z stacks stickn’ out (Z stacks are biger than a mighty flea).


Noctu and a Luchador = two saw blades and a string?


It’s not real, he has come right out and said it before.