CLYW Baby Buffalo


So I was thinking…you know the double rims that CLYW puts in some of their yoyos? What if they made a, i guess you would say a micro Yoyo just using the diameter of those inside rims and call it the Baby Buffalo? I think that would be awesome but I don’t know tell me what you guys think!

I’m just thinking out loud!

(Owen) #2

That’d be coool it could be made especially for Chris’s baby girl


Those would have to be some thin inner rims to make it an “undersized” throw…


well of course there would be some modifications made if not a total makeover but just a super undersized throw from CLYW would be awesome

(Alex Fairhurst) #5

Campfire with double rims? lol


Haha no I’m not saying that the Yoyo will have double rings but I’m saying the Yoyo should be the diameter of the inside rings!


Double rims = ridiculous hype. I see no advantage at all. Owned multiple chiefs and they play no better than a nice performance throw with a normal rim shape.


The Yoyo will be the diameter of the inside rings, there will be NO double rings in the Baby Buffalo


I can feel a difference in the way double rimmed yoyos play. My Chief feels way stabler than any yoyo I own, while not having all of the rim weight to bog it down.


yeah, so far the double rims technique is really the best the way to push the weight towards the outside while still keeping it fairly evenly distributed and therefor floaty

(Alex Fairhurst) #11

Remember when VsNYYC made the groove on the side of the rim? Those were supposed to make the yoyo more floaty also. How come no one utilizes this technique?


i think it would be cool if they made jugglin’ balls…jugglers are so much more cooler.




This just made me so happy. :slight_smile:


I think I should change the name of this topic to “The things CLYW should do” and “do double rims really work?” Haha


So basically a yoyo with a smaller diameter…


But with CHIEF RIMS bro!! :wink:

…I’d call it the Kickapoo.


My understanding of the concept is that it wouldn’t have Chief rims, just the sole inner rim which would in fact be the outer rim of the new throw. Am I missing something here?


this is a weird yoyo so far. :stuck_out_tongue:


Sounds good I would buy it


You’ve got it!