Are there other yoyo's like the clyw chief?

So I have played and owned a fair share of different yoyo’s, but I haven’t played anything else that is even anything like the Chief. Does anyone know of any other yoyo’s that play/feel like the chief?

Freq Wave.

Freq. wave plays alot like the 67g Chief. The Sentinel does too, though it might be a bit to large for your liking.

Freq wave is the way to go. Hard to find, but for $70 you get a 100+ quality throw

H5xcheif comes to mind

skywalker is very similar

I have to respectfully disagree. They’re both “light-feeling” on the string (despite the H5xChief’s enormous size!) but they’re really different beasts.

Yoyofficer Brave is very similar to the Chief, just with less float.

I wonder how the Spin Dynamics Flow compares…

They are close… The Flow is a bit more “solid” and the Chief more “floaty”. BUT they are VERY close…