Identify this trick

The trick starting at exactly 2:46, is that a sideways zipper? cause i dont think so lol
it appears in quite alot of mickey’s routines i think o.0 If you cant see try watching the thing again, i think he does it 2 times in his routine.

And im pretty sure someone’s eyes can see what he’s doing at 1:10 and make a tut pls? lol the trick in a split bottom mount.

And 1:32 pulz! Please make a tut if you can :slight_smile:

Someone… someone like You! Samad! Yeah that will be cooL!

2.46-sidways revolvong eli hops
1.10-mickeys signature trick, nameless as far as i know
1.32-nameless again, just a popular move, also seen in offstring

Well, I am at school right now, so I can’t see the video right now, but when I get hme. I’ll check it out ;D

lol wad are revolving eli hops? and can someone make a tut on that split bottom mount trick?

i will eventually, i dont have a camera tho, but when i do get one i will make one for the split bottom trick

Lol how did you get on the computer then?? or like a phone?

Its a real computer just like this one. I am in class, and I go on :smiley:

We have computer class for 6 weeks. If we finish the assignment, we can go on the internet and do anything that is school appropriate.

Also, he is doing a sideways braintwister combo.