Ideas request: safety booth featuring yoyos!

Greetings throwers!
I am part of a safety committee at my place of employment, and we have a safety fair coming up in January. We like to give away prizes and stuff… During our most recent meeting I suggested we give out yoyos… And the rest of the committee liked the idea!! We are in the process of securing funding for 400 yoyos, to be purchased through yoyoexpert. (I insisted on quality throws, not typical freebie junk :wink: and would like your help with ideas of how to tie industrial workplace safety into yoyos. So far my ideas are:

  1. banners and such with corny and not so corny vaguely yoyo related statements such as: A new spin on safety, safety has its ups and downs, tether your tools, etc…
  2. a challenge/ game featuring our give away yoyos: I’m thinking of having participants don excessive safety p.p.e. like thick gloves,hard hats, hearing protection, goggles and face shield, etc… And try to emulate very basic yoyo techniques with me in the same gear ( I gotta practice for this one)

I would love your input on the quotes/phrases and alternative suggestions for the challenge, as my idea is pretty weak.
Your suggestions will help us build buy in for our funding request. We can’t just ask for 3g’s to give away yoyos and expect to get it, we have got to incoporate the yoyos into our safety message…

Any ideas at all no matter how silly or minor are much appreciated!!!

Something about “strings attached” like " this job comes with strings attached for your safety"

They probably don’t know about off string yet

You may want to shoot Duncan, YYJ, or YYF an email, I know that all of them like to support things like this and will likely hook you up with wholesale prices.

I’m thinking about that picture of Patrick Condon with that big ol’ gash in his forehead from throwing. I bet he would give you access to that picture as a lack of proper safety precautions being observed while yoyoing. There is a video out there on the web of Brandon Jackson throwing and the yoyo came around and caught him right above his left eye. Put him on the ground. He was okay, he’s still around at least. What I’m trying to brainstorm around is the idea of industrial accidents taking place because of the lack of appropriate safety precautions only the mishaps are with yo-yos.

Do you have any ideas on what throws you are looking to use? I am trying to think of things to do with the promotional yo-yos. I imagine you will want responsive throws to give away. Something I am thinking about is the sidecaps of Bumble Bees can be exchanged pretty easily with personalized laminated printed materials specific to your event. I realize I am incurring additional expense here, I’m just thinking if the yo-yos themselves had art for your particular event on the sides it would be an easier sell.

I know I’m not being a lot of help. I’ll keep noodling on it.

  1. Safety isn’t a “brain twister”
  2. Safety around the world 2012
  3. Even “Dr. Strange” prescribes safety.
  4. Safety or “lacerations” you choose
  5. YO safety matters.
  6. Safety is “pop n fresh”

I know pretty awful, that’s just what first came to mind. ::slight_smile:

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Mikers, we have already been working with yoyo expert. They are awesome! The actual cost is not a big deal its the principle of the thing that we need buy in for. I actually don’t believe there will be any difficulty getting the approval as I stunned a bunch of important people at one of these safety gigs and they have been itching to see more.

Banjo, I had a similar thought about hazard pictures. I have pics from the damage to my face my 888 caused that I figured we could use… The proctor hinted that we need to keep things positive… Not that I’m discouraging you idea, keep it developing! I just don’t think in the end we will have pictures with injuries…

Skiterz , truly awesome! I will use two of those in some form for certain, the other four are a bit too “inside” the yoyo circle to be useful in this circumstance for this audience. But I love them all!

Trying to think of something about “walk the dog” … Ug…

Banjo, we are hoping to get yyj classics… And I hope yoyo expert doesn’t mind, but we are probably gonna put stickers on the sides somehow… Maybe… The stickers will be our " wolverines safety committee" logo… That’s a lot of stickers! And a lot of unboxing too…but I’ll do it if I must!
Runner up to the classic will likely be butterfly xt… I’ll let ya know when I know more.

Some examples of booths I’ve seen in the past:

Dart challenges
A miniature crane obstacle course
Mini golf
Ring toss
Bottle stand

How about a Yoyo trick or sleeping contest you know something they all can do

Wow. You win.

I like the sleeping contest… That’s probably all I can expect from the general public isn’t it…

Yeah because well you show them how to do it s pretty straight foreword

Drag racing! New players love to race yoyos! You just need a place to do it safely, for people and the yoyo!

Timed gravity pulls! See how many they can do in 30 seconds (small prizes are always a hit).

Um… How do you do the drag racing? I think I have idea, but maybe I’m wrong. The gravity pulls are probably too much to expect from the target audience, but it would be great if I could figure out a way to teach them quickly.

Safety never “sleeps” on the job.

drag races:

  1. On your marks, get set, go! On go throw a sleeper.
  2. Take the string off your finger.
  3. Let the yo go! Racing and rolling across the floor.

Winner can be the first acrossed a line or the one rolling the greatest distance.

This sounds fun. I also want to say that this game is to yo-yoing what Slap Jack is to Poker.