Ideas for gifts for gift exchange?

What would you like if your in the gift exchange and what would be some good presents?
PS. If you get me I would love any CLYW or a SPYY I don’t care if its beat :wink:

im not in the gift exchange but I would say get a bunch of accessories. like lube, string, holder etc. and maybe a cheap yoyo. that seems like a pretty cool gift.

A one drop, spyy or clyw even if its kinda beat

I agree there! I’m not in the gift exchange, either, but instead of giving away a ton of throws, you could send a little care package with string, lube, a few of those belt loop yoyo holders, a counterweight or two… If you’re only doing one gift, you could put a YYF Whip, One or Velocity into the package. If you’re putting in a bunch of nice accessories, you don’t need to worry about putting a nice (or even not nice) metal throw in there, but you could put a semi- cheap plastic in. If you’re doing multiple gifts you may want to spread all that over a few gifts, but I dunno, that’s just my opinion.

I want lots o string.

to bad I don’t have a big collection that I could pick and give them one :-X

haha yeah I was a little disappointed that I didn’t meet the requirements to join in the exchange, but I don’t really have any current throws I wouldn’t mind getting rid of, y’know? As for my money, I’m trying to save for a little bit… But I don’t know… :slight_smile: