I’m not really sure where this should go so sorry if it is in the wrong place. Well we all know those times where your out in public and someone ask you to walk the dog. Or when your string breaks and you get a ding on you favorite throw. Well I have an idea that could fix all of that. Do y’all know about the rubberized coating that they put on metals. If you don’t imagine taking rubber and coating it onto something. Well what if we put that on a yoyo. This maybe a stupid idea but I like it. What do you think?


I think you mean that plasti-dip that you can use on tool handles? If so, the idea is interesting, but I’d be afraid of what it would do for weight distribution. The product is semi-liquid so it would be slightly thicker on the half of the yoyo that was pulled out last. Not a big deal for tool handles but it might give a yoyo some really nasty wobble.

Someone try it. ;D


Rhino-lining for those throws that gotta be played outside!

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Nothing some sandpaper can’t take out.


I would rather have dings on my yoyos than a coating of rubber. That would make it feel like a different yoyo, and the coating would be uneven. I was thinking of a small tape you could put on the rims to prevent minor dings. It would be a few millimeters thick and be made of about the same stuff as duct tape.
Heck, I may try that. I’ll need to cut it super skinny, though. It shouldn’t make it vibey or anything.


maybe you could just dip the rims in? IDK, it would be really cool if you could somehow get an even coating that didn’t harm the play.


How about putting some RTV/silicon on a plate/dish, and then rolling the yoyo in it so it just coats the rims? You could then smooth it down once it dries.


Or, you could just buy a Protostar and walk the dog with it.



yes but you could put it on a code 2 and get the performance of a code 2 and you can save it from dings


I’m a recent Proto convert. No one loves a nice, overpriced metal better than me but the Protostar rivals some of my best throws.


I agree the proto is a fine throw but there are many people who just prefer everthing else


Take it from me, your CODE2 will stand up to a TON of dings.


I only offer it, mostly in jest, as a solution to the problem of needing a good throw that can be walked with no worries.

I’d like to see someone try and coat a throw, either edges or completely. If it worked I’d do it to one or two. I even have some stuff that I think would work. Just a little concerned about how it would affect play and how difficult it would be to remove once it didn’t work.

DIY powdercoating might be the way. If you’ve got an oven you can powdercoat. It would definitely get marked up but it’s a strong finish and could be re-applied as needed.


There’s not much that concrete wont shred - silicone, tape, and plastic don’t stand a chance, and even rubber gets gashed relatively quickly, though some sort of rubber is probably the best bet if you want to baby your metal yoyo. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I purposefully ding my metal yoyo to toughen it up, ya know builds character.

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The thing is that it really is difficult to destroy a metal yoyo. I’ve done it a few times, but it’s always involved a wall, a curb, or a car. Dings and gashes can be fixed up with a metal file and some sand paper in just a few minutes. If you’re not sure you want to keep a yoyo and might want to sell it, then I can understand not wanting to ding it. Otherwise, it gets tiresome trying to keep a toy that you fling around in perfect condition, especially if you play 5a, but even if you just play 1a … at least that was my experience.


cause you need the performance of a code 2 to be able to walk the dog.


The answer to yoyo dings is to get a titanium yoyo.