Idea for a new site of Building Blocks

So as I’ve been learning tricks and combos, I’ve noticed that they are a series of movements that frequently end up with common points tying them together. As I learn different combos I mentally break down the different places that a combination could transition to a different trick. I was thinking it might be fun to create a website with short little videos of all these different elements. So instead of a 2 minutes video, it’s a 5-10 second clip that starts in one mount and ends in another.

If everything was organized, you could go basically build a combo by picking your starting point and ending points. Think of it as YoYo Lego blocks. You pick the little clips and string them together in a combination.

What do you guys think? Would it be a worthwhile endeavor?

Daunting task. Thousands of possibilities.
Great idea though. Will the 5-10second clips be user generated?

Ultimately yeah it would have to be user generated. I don’t think I have the time or abilities to add all the necessary videos. I have a few ideas I was going to put together as kind of a proof of concept.