Community Combo

Would people be willing to build a combo together? I was thinking that each person could contribute a 5 second portion, building off the previous members’ video.
-Learn previous parts of combo
-Come up with 5 seconds of combo that builds from previous
-Explain how to do your 5 second addition, step by step
-post it here
-have fun!

If people are interested, I would love to start the first combo!


Don’t you think it would be easier to have them do like, 3 string clicks instead? because 5 seconds varies between players.

I’m not really to concerned about things being perfect and consistent. It’s about having fun. I’m open to ideas :blush:

These community combos haven’t launched well in the past for some reason.

Well I see people liked the post. I call that interest enough :slightly_smiling_face: I’ll come up with something today!

yeah, just post the first part and people will join in!

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Hm… I’m not able to just insert the video. Any tips on how to add a video?

You may have to upload it to YouTube or Instagram and copy the link here.