Building Blocks Project

Hey guys,

I recently started working on a new project to help me get better at creating my own tricks, It’s called “Building Blocks”. I’m not sure how many of you have seen it already but I just wanted to share what I’ve got so far. I’m in the first trick still but I’m on the third element of the trick now.

The second slide of the video explains the purpose and the elements that have to go into the tricks I create. I don’t plan on ending this project but I also don’t plan on the updates to be the same time every day/week/month, just as I can think up the next element and perfect it I will film the update and add it to my youtube channel.

Once the 5th element is added and that video is uploaded anyone who wants to suggest a name for the trick in the comments of that video can, the name that gets the most votes (probably just the number of votes on a particular comment or something like that) will become the name of the trick, and I’ll make a 6th ‘finished’ video to tie it all together. After that I’ll move on to the next trick.

Hope you guys enjoy what I’ve got so far. This is one of the hardest tricks I’ve tried to hit so far and it still isn’t done yet! :wink: Here’s the trick:

Have a good one!