I'd like to see a shop that works like this:


Check out the way www.zennioptical.com does their “limiters” on the left pane for eyeglasses. I’d like to see fields we can pick from to limit the whole store down to what we’re looking for like they do. That way, if you’re only looking for Aluminum yoyos, with weight between 63 and 67 grams, with a thumb grind ridge, in a wedge profile, under 55 mm height, between 85 and 100 dollars, and oh yeah, size C bearings only, you could limit the store to show you just that, and on the fly, without filling out mile-long search forms.

They have a comprehensive way of letting people search for very specific things, and in an industry where so much specificity goes into products with so much differentiation even between products from the same companies, this would seem like a no-brainer.

Now back to my search for an all-metal looping yoyo with a green/black acid wash, between 40 and 50 grams, with hubstacks…



That would be pretty nice. YYE should at least have some sort of price range search and if its plastic or metal. But maybe we’ll see that in the future, we just don’t know.


Ya that would be very nice.


I think it would require the people doing the product data entry to fill out a standardized profile for all new products. It CAN be done. I don’t know what the software that place is using is. I’d find something like that useful.