Here is a good idea IMO.

Is there any one out there that believes along with me that there should be a way to simplify a search in the store based on things such as gap width? I like playing with a much bigger gap profile and is a real pain to have to click each yoyo to see the gap widths. Even if it is something as simple as putting a dropbar in the store that shows different gap widths going up by 20 from a gap as low as 3 all the way up to 5. For example.
3.4 and so on and so fourth.
It would definitely make it way easier lol

There’s probably 100 factors that different people feel would be beneficial to sort on. Where do you draw the line? (personal opinion, not speaking for the store)

Most metals are all around 4-4.4 range. Show me a modern day metal with a 3 mm gap width, I’d like to see it actually haha.