I'd just like to say . . .

. . . that I’m not addicted. I can quit any time I want. This is perfectly reasonable for somebody who’s only been throwing for 4 months. ;D

Idk what this is about, but I have no plans of quitting! 2 years in and still going strong.

Wow… I thought I had a problem. 1 month in and have a galaxy too hot, hair band sakura and about the same amount of string you do.

Is that little one… the mighty flea?

It looks like when I first started too. You have some good variety in there. Lots of YoyoFactory too. ;D

I been on 3 months now and I would have to say… My bag looks just like yours does… Maybe we have a problem. Idk. I would like to think not. Lol

I used a shutter and a variety of string for over 5 months. Then Christmas came and I got a Valor my first high end and now i"ve just exploded. I trade or do a deal every week or so. I get a new yoyo in my hands all the time and keep about 8 at a time. I like having a small collection that changes a lot. But Ive always kept my shutter and my valor. I’ll probably also be holding onto the space cowboy I got this week.

i only have two but I feel like I won’t be able to part with any throw I get unless I don’t like the way it plays. Well, only time will tell

Isn’t it amazing how different two yoyos can feel from each other? Now, the Replay and the Shutter are very similar in feel. But the Dv888, the Velocity, the Metal Drifter all feel vastly different.

Also,5 of those yoyos are my grand daughter’s.

And yes, that’s a mighty flea. As my grand daughter says “When I grow up I’ll be a Shutter”

absoultely. Specially when the too hot is 56mm and the sakura is 52mm. ::slight_smile: