Ian Beichmann's Probably Useful Tutorials 3- Magic Drop Help

Magic drop always gets a lot of questions and most of those questions never really get answered. This is my attempt to explain a trick that usually gets written off as “one day it’ll just click.”

(edit- embedded video)


amazing tutorial i’me going to try to get more constant at getting the rejection.

Great tutorial. The angling of the NTH is something I haven’t really tried to experiment with; I’ve been spreading the NTH string segments apart, but that’s kind of “cheating” (not really cheating, but for lack of a better term) that won’t scale well in the long term.

That was fantastic. I’ve done a couple tutorials on this trick, but you nailed it better than I have. I’d been working with moving the throwhand to adjust that line, but also hadn’t thought about the non-throwhand.

Definitely one of the best magic drop tutorials I’ve seen and one of the very few that actually explains how to get a consistent string rejection. Kudos to you, good sir!


Certainly is helping a bit for me. Thanks!