i washed my 10ball in water. any thoughts?

:smiley: :smiley:

it made my bearing better.

quiter and longer spinning.

i got tired of washing it in mineral spirits.
everytime id do it, id make it super loud and it seems worse.
i run my bearings dry. thats how i like it. ;D

My thought is it could rust.

yeah rust
but it should work for a while

It is Stainless steel AKA it can’t rust.

A lot of people do it to 10 balls.

It doesnt mean it CANT rust, it means its UNLIKELY to rust.

There’s no problem with washing 10balls in water. That’s how I clean my 10balls.

kobansora is here :smiley:

Hes been here.

And yes, it probably won’t rust, and if it does. it will take a long time.

I clean my 10balls the same way. I spin dry them, let them air out, and then play.

Hmm…awesome. So if you can clean a 10-ball with water. Then that means you can clean a SPEC with water too since its stainless steel right? ???

im not quite sure about that, man. sorry.

Yes. I have done so, and it hasn’t rusted on me. Though I like to use Mineral Spirits for SPEC’.

10 balls are washable w/ soap and water as are specs, I believe eric has done it and it worked pretty well.

It is good now, but it’ll rust and die later…

Bad choice… :-\

We don’t even know if it’s steel though. And I’ve never heard of a rusty SPEC bearing.

Da5id from one drop said himself you can do this and it won’t rust,

I frown upon your uninformed post.

He dunked the whole yoyo, not just the bearing. :smiley:

Why would you do that? o_o