I was thinking of Genesis, but the Yuuksta came along...

Seriously, for the price. How could I not?

I’m actually working in Japan and saving my money. When I get back the the States I was thinking on going on a little yoyo splurge.

Right now I have my eyes on the Yuuksta, 44, and the Half & Half. What do you think I should splurge on?

A splurge means more than one yoyo - so 2 or 3. I’m not trying to go into $100+ yoyos, but a couple nice one.

I’ve got a few ILYY Voids w/ your name on it. $75 shipped each.

I can tell you now my half and half is incredible.

I don’t know your Preferences but the Lunatic is pretty dang good, It is pretty much my favorite yo-yo I have. I know they aren’t too expensive but if you don’t have one yet, you need to get your hands on a Protostar, the price:performance ratio on these beasts is unheard of, in my honest opinion, they are a must have. And although I haven’t played one, I would say that the Protege is worth at least a thought. Good luck choosing, I am sure you will be happy no matter what :smiley:

What’s your preferences? From that choice, IMO, I would say the Yuuksta. I mean, the Center-Trac to the undersized Genesis, how could you not go wrong with it? Also it’s Yuuki Spencer’s signature yoyo, and the price is really, really good. That’s it, well I’m getting one.

You have three very different yo-yos as your main choices. All of them fall under the “Undersized” category. The shape is where they all differ the most. The 44 has a very round shape, the Half and Half has a flat-rimmed shape, and the Yuuksta has an H-Shape. If you want diversity, pick the Half and Half and then one of the YYF metals. Not only does the Half and Half have a different manufacturer, but it also is made out of a different material.

If you do decide to go that route, then the big choice is between the 44 and the Yuuksta. If you were thinking of getting a Genesis, before, then the Yuuksta may be a good choice since it has a similar shape and stability to that of a Genesis. The 44 is a bit more of a classic looking yo-yo. It’s a tad heavier and about the same size as the other two. Think about which one you would like better.

Of course, you don’t have to narrow the choice the same way I did for you. You can choose the two YYF metals if you want, or even something completely different. Ultimately, the choice is yours. When in doubt, just pick the two that look the coolest to you, or the one that looks like it plays the best. Pretty much all yo-yos are good these days, so in the end you win no matter what.

Get a VOID. It’s currently my favorite yoyo. I’ve played so many yoyo’s it’s pathetic and this one is at the top. Well anything from ILYY is great but the void seems perfect. If you are going to splurge get sever different shapes and sizes. I’d say get a void from Cali then a lunatic, the half and half and maybe a new YYJ. That would be a great variety and if you don’t like any of them the BST will help you either sell them or trade for something else.

I actually ordered a Protostar before I came to Japan, but because of a shipping error, I left before I had a chance to get it so I’m in Japan with only my Dingo. So I do have a Protostar waiting for me at home which I am really excited about.

Yes, I do like my yoyos undersized, I have medium sized hand (is it me? or does every reviewer of anything always have big hands?). I actually just discovered Crucial about a month ago, and now it’s on YYE so I’m pretty sure I’m getting a Half & Half.

I’m coming home with close to $8000 so I could get all 3. But that would mean four new yoyos at a time which could be a little ridiculous, but then again…

I know people always post this kind of thing but I LOVE the Yuuksta it is like the perfect yoyo.