I was thinkin'

What do you call it when you get done with a trick.

Did you hit Spirit Bomb?

Did you land Spirit Bomb?

Did you make Spirit Bomb?

What do you call it?

For me, it’s always been, I landed ______. But I’m curious as to what others call it.

I refer to it as “landing” usually.

If its a laceration, or suicide, I say land. If its just a trick, I’ll normally say hit or sometimes landing too.

I usually either say got or did.

I typically say “I did ___” but sometimes I will say “I landed ___”

talking to people who know yoyos: i just landed blah

talking to people who dont: i just did blah

I say, “I can do ______ now.” Or sometimes I say “I landed ______.”

I usually say that I got it

not sure how it matters, just use the term you want, people will eventually understand anyway

i usually say bust a trick ;D ;D


Do the tricks really need an explanation? Just doing the trick should wow them enough, no need for names :stuck_out_tongue:

Jokes aside, I usually say Did, landed, or hit

Landed, usually.

I “hit” one-action tricks/bangers like suicides, whips, hooks, etc.

I “do” longer tricks.

Similar to ^, I usually “hit” suicides, whips, hooks, and other tricks where the string is doing most of the motion; I “land” tricks that involve popping the yoyo off and back onto a string, like Spirit Bomb, Eli Hops, Kwyjibo, and other tricks where the chance of missing a string is higher; and I “do” smooth string tricks like gerbil.

either landing or hitting, I usually just say I did this trick…

usually I say did

landed seems like a lingo between throwers, and so I sometimes say landed when I’m with other yoyoers, but for the most part I have family and drunk people downtown so I seldom use the lingo right.

also when I get very consistent at a trick I would say I have mastered a trick. which comes from some of the lingo of math classes. In practice tests they would say learn it do master it.

I say I landed it because people know what Landing means. Other people say that too, Skateboarders, hacky sackers, spin top artists.