How many times have you heard this

Not sure why but these are the two things i hear the most out of people when yoyoing in front of people. Usually they say both of these things

How do you do that? I can’t even get it to come back up

lol first its sort of just like aqward silence I mean im not gonna say well “oh just go into a splot bottom mount then go through the gap” ect. lol. What should i say

I usually say " uuummm, I just practice alot."

keep spinning


Well you could say, I can. Don’t say I bind it that will just stir more questions. You could justsay what i say. I do a bind and say Like this. Thats what i do whenever someone asks me how i do a trick.

How many times have I heard this? Over 9,000… LITERALLY.
I say
1.Get a yoyo
2. Learn the mount
3. DO the trick

I usally just walk away…

I just say I go on to learn everything.

just say that i practice a lot.