I was in the news!

Hey guys, I was in the news for something that was awesome! Check out the photos (right corner has the “click for more photos”) to see the action shot of me! It was a local talent show at the biggest stage in the central valley California and I took 750 bucks!


~Spin On!


Modesto? Man, you’re practically local to me. I’m in Elk Grove.(OK, so it’s an hour).

Either way, way to go!

Seems yoyo is getting attention these days. Ian Johnson on a national stage, you on a regional stage. Not bad.

Thanks! It’s amazing that yo-yoers are getting closer and closer every season (city wise). 750 bucks is a pretty big prize for a yo-yoer, although in the specialty division the only other real competition was a colorguard duo, but half of it is going towards the household. If Elk Grove is within that range then you should try next year!

Hey i was on the news too! We do a cool school of the week thing where i live and our school was chosen for it and they wanted me to yo yo for it. It was awesome!

That’s awesome Chris! Oakdale represent!!!

I may check it out next year or do sound production for it, but I’m not into yoyo for competition. For me, it’s just a passtime/hobby and something I do for relaxation and enjoyment. I also just started back in May. But my primary focus will always be doing sound production. However, this week during SacAnime, as panels more or less run themselves, I’ll be backstage practicing what few tricks I know and what new tricks I’m trying to learn. Good way to pass the time.

The best part is that Elk Grove is just south of Sacramento, and this whole region seems to be a yoyo desert. It seems that desert is shrinking a little bit. That’s cool

If you end up with any video, share the link!