I want to stack my superwide

my hands are huge-er than anyone can imagine, so i want to get that done


In my opinion I don’t think that would work, or at least not be an easy job at all.

Get a YYJ Big, rub down the o-ring responses and maybe beefcake it, then hubstack that, with those small baby food jars.

If your hands are still to big for that, I don’t know what you’re gonna do!

And I can imagine huge hands. I met Shaq, and his ring was as large as my Rolex. So, yeah, I’m used to big people. IN fact, met most of the NBA legends and superstars that weekend(NBA all-Star Weekend, being taken around as an employee of an NBA player/guest of the NBA)

rice rocket is modding and stacking my big yo right now. it’s going to have 3 bearings in the gap (fat liped of course) and standard beefcaking the hub stacks

That sounds good. I’d get a second BigYo just for the bearing thing IF it needs special mods to make it work, otherwise I’d just order a second bearing and do it myself IF that would make it play more typical of an unresponsive yoyo.

typical response. I know of a lot of people that want a stacked superwide. So I say forget Jayyo, If you want it done find someone that is willing to do it.

go for it man! I definitely do not share you problem. But if you get it figured out please post some pics!