I walked out of the house this morning without a yoyo in my pocket



(ChrisFrancz) #22

Shelf queens. Hahaaaahaa!

(ClockMonster) #23

The yoyo equivalent to electric guitars that are known as “closet queens”.

({John15}) #24

It was a crazy morning, lol.

(Jim Honaker) #25

I have been carrying a yoyo with me for a while now. And it does strangely feel wierd not having one with me. However I very rarely use it out in public and am a little embarrassed to carry it. I know I shouldn’t be, but it’s true. So recently, a couple weeks ago I bought a strap and have been carrying one. I work as an account manager and work from home and on the road. So when I am with clients the yoyo stays in the car.

(ChrisFrancz) #26

Everything has a time and place…

({John15}) #27

Echoes of Ecclesiastes :heart:

(Ken) #28


(Samuel) #29

My replay pro

(Mash Mastar) #30

You were sleep walking again weren’t you?!

(ChrisFrancz) #31

Old-fashioned wisdom…

({John15}) #32

Old fashioned, perhaps. Still relevant? Absolutely

(ChrisFrancz) #33

Old-fashioned means it is not bound to any specific time period. That’s what I take it to mean… Common sense may be a better term but not everyone will agree on what common sense is and… If you remembered your toy we would not be having this conservation. It’s just a toy so I could see how you’d forget it. Just stirring the pot, bro!

({John15}) #34

Ouch, that burned :sweat_smile:

(Bruce D Johnson) #35

I’m a retired school superintendent. I carried (and carry) a YoYo for 45 years. More than once a student saw me at Safeway or Lucky’s when I am in shorts and T-shirt on a weekend and student said “you look just like Mr Johnson but he always wears a tie and has a YoYo in his pocket.” So I reach into my pocket and do a trick and the little person beams! Great tool!

({John15}) #36

What a wholesome story, I’m so thankful for people like you :sweat_smile:

(Bruce D Johnson) #37

It was easier when I carried a traditional wooden Duncan (think 1958). Bump into more things now with butterfly but can do so much more. Of course in the 1962 Southern California Regional Championships I would not have been able to do 487 loop-the-loops either! I share with kids all the time that yo-yos are like people: all a little bit different but still a YoYo (person). Blessings to all of you. Oh, BTW I just got back from The Holy Lands and did YoYo tricks on the Sea of Galilee, Masada and Jerusalem. Email me at Grmpaj@gmail.com if you want to see the video.

(ChrisFrancz) #38

That’s awesome!!!

(Bill Blakely) #39

What a sad state of affairs. Something you could do is to put one in each of your cars!!


Hey that’s really awesome! Upload it to youtube and post a link to it here!