I think I will make myself a couple a Bolts🤓

Before Dale faded out… he sent me ‘some parts’ and such

I was looking through some boxes(geeze, I have a few. Doh!:flushed:

Now… if I only had a bunch of: bearings and axles and response pads.

I’d be in business; lol


Wow… can I take one?



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Those remind me of kicksides. I love the red! Are they all recessed or do some have starbursts?


Sign me up Doc.

Oh yeah… count me in…sweet find!


If you have spare I’m in.

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I still have two spare YYJ axles, 4 response O-rings, and some bearing shims in a ziploc and I was wondering what I was going to do with them. I’d gladly take some off your hands if you decide what you want to do with them.

Total wantyness

Awesome- bolts are my favorite plastic of all time!

That is a box of fun!:grin:

Count me in on a couple of hubs if you’re willing to part or sell them. I’ve always wanted to try out the original Bolt and don’t mind assembling them myself.

If you are willing to let any go, I’d love to snag one!

adding myself to the pile of people partial to procuring a pair of halves :smile:

if you would decide to let any go, i’d love to buy a pair, doc :slight_smile: