I think I should practice my 5A?

Well I was practice my 5A, Maple Syrup to be precise and I got a bad bind on my Atmosphere…


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I think next time I should practice outside!

lol ;D

Haha it sucks when bad stuff happens.

My mums laptop was only like 30cm away and an LCD TV about a metre away,

So glad it was just a glass, and also it was only an atmosphere not my DV888 that I was playing with a couple throws before, I was alternating between 1A / 5A

Yeah, good thing it didn’t hit your moms computer or a TV! She must of been so mad at you though.

Lol, the hammer down would have been upon you!

Good thing his yoyo didn’t get hurt!

Gotta make sure the yoyo doesn’t get hurt.

It got a small ding!

She was out at that point, luckily!

Get the super glue and 100mph tape… or in your case… I guess it be what? around 160 kmph?

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I accidently thankyou posted then but…

what do you mean?

100mph tape is another name for duct tape.

Yeah… And your from across the pond… So 100miles per hour is roughly 160 kilometers an hour…