Spent the day on 5A

I really mastered the trick of retrieving the yoyo from under the sofa with a broom.


I love this ;D

I have also mastered that trick. Its about the only 5A trick i have down solid.

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The other day I tried 5A around 4 AM.

It makes 1A look so linear.

So here I am, trying 5A, not knowing what the heck I’m even doing or why. I get the bright idea; “I’m going to try to throw with my left hand”. 5A throw with my left hand to be more specific. Now, I had never even tried 1A left handed before haha.

First throw, I somehow let go of the counterweight mid-breakaway. The yoyo flies into my door so hard it echo’d throughout my house in the dead of night. My dogs went nuts, the neighbors dog went nuts. It scared the crap out of me even haha.

It made me feel like a little kid again; I felt like I should hide the yoyo, flip the light switch off, and crawl into bed with my head under the covers and act like I was asleep before anyone came and asked me what the heck happened.

First time I tried 5A, I was like this hold feels too awkward, so I tried wrapping in around my middle finger, the yoyo went the entire strings length, and at full speed unwrapped itself and started to bounce around my tile floor, I had to like jump in and hurt myself as a form of damage control.

I can do bee sting and thats about it most the time it flys across the room tho… Maybe I shouldn’t use a throw that weighs almost 70 grams… hmmm

Hahahahah… I know that feel bro.

It’s such a nice day, I think I’ll go chase after them outside for a while. I just have to keep the dogs from helping me.

I can do meltdown. Sort of. and angel wings for a few seconds before achieving a major collision. Haven’t had any “flying across the room” scenarios though, which is a good thing.

I can almost do trapeze release

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