i think i am going out of my mind...~_~

ok so for the past couple of months i have had a strict large yoyo criteria laid out in my brain but lately i have not been able to get the DV888 out of my HEAD
YYF must be using subliminal messages or mabye its the great reviews i have heard IDONT KNOW!!!

so i have brought it down to this
5a= LARGE and 1a= anything

woah ok that was a burst of feelings i have kept inside for to long
for those who i have affended i am sorry the real intention of this thread was to ask someone nicely to take a side by side picture of a dv888 and a grindmachine thanks ;D


5a doesn’t have to be a large yoyo.

I would take a picture of the DV888 next to a PGM but I don’t have either one. :frowning:

oh i know that they dont have to be big but i like big yoyos for 5a becasue having a radical string with a counterweight at the end would be harder to land in the gap of a smaller yoyo