I skipped the trick ladder and I think I'll go back through it

As the title suggests, after learning sleeper, gravity pull, rock the baby and forward pass, I pretty much jumped straight into beginner/ intermediate unresponsive play.

And so I thought, why not go back through the trick ladder? Couldn’t hurt! Now that I’m too cool for school, I’d like to go back to school (lol)



Me? Same!


I have to do refreshers too.

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Awesome! I’m super new to yoyo, and like you, I’ve focused exclusively on 1a unresponsive so far.

I’m definitely interested in branching out into other styles once I stop sucking so magnificently. I didn’t even know there were things like 3,4,5 a really, and it’s really exciting to me that there’s sooo many different skills to master under the yoyo umbrella. Kinda daunting too, but mostly exciting.

Good luck with your pursuit, dude. You got this!