I really need some help.... again ...for finding that certain yoyo


ok i now have some more preferences that make me finding that just right yoyo alot easier for you guys lol
here are the things i have been looking for

i need a yoyo that is…

stable as heck



between 64-68 grams(what ever the weight of the g5+) would be more ideal)but any weight works

doesnt have to be large but it has to be pretty wide

Definetally no vibe at all(not even just a little)

i really dont like to maintain it except pads, bearing (the norm)

i really dont want it to be snaggy + a large gap

i dont want to deal with spacers if possible

and i want it to be fairly affordable :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks guys! ;D

(JM) #2

I say Genesis.


You could try the Eneme!

(SR) #4

Genesis maybe?

(jared) #5

I think the genises it’s a great yoyo


I’d go for the Genesis.


ok so the genesis seems unanimous(spelling?)


I hate the Genesis for 1a, personally.




5 Star sounds good. Or even a New Breed.

(JonasK) #11

5star, SKYY Chaser, Eneme

(Astrojax) #12


(JackG) #13

spyy chaser smoother than anything