I put almonds in my yoyo

Some different angles


Can you give a tut on how to do this?

step 1:
Get a masters in physics
2: spend 4 years in psychological studies
3: pay of the millions of dollars in debt by juggling plastic hippos
4: buy a bag of almonds.
5: carefully place almonds in yoyo (this is where the degrees come in handy)
6: take your yoyo and juggle it (allowing almonds to fall out)
7: juggle both almonds and yoyo
8: carefully glue almonds on with hot glue while juggling them
9: stop juggling, and let glue dry
10: while glue dries, play with your plastic hippos (day so cute!)
11: viola! All done, and enjoy your almond-throw

Hope it helped. It can be a bit hard the first try, but you’ll get the hang of it.

Are you nuts? That’d take forever to make.

Alternate angle…


That’s not how you do it.

pfffft, yes it is… Silly.

Have you experimented with other plant parts of the Rosaceae family? If so, how do they affect play?

Seems to me like a good peach leaf or interior rose petal would smoothen out play.

I’m going to have to go with John on this one. He has done some quality work for me over the years and I can promise you he does a quality job. He’s even given me some help with my own mod jobs but I’m no where near the ‘Almond’ level.

This is something that takes year of trial and error.

Thanks wafu. It’s people like you that helped me get to where I am. I love you. <3

You people are NUTS!!! ;D


Am I doing it right John?


Ur nuts r 2 cold

Took a couple tries but finally got this mod down. Thanks John!

Alternate Angle


does it taste as good as it plays?


Is that whole milk?

1/4th milk, bro. Get it right.

This is all pretty… 8)…twisted

What the heck does that even mean? You cray.

The mod dosen’t work with anything higher.

Tell me you didn’t eat that. Especially cause I was considering trading for that yoyo :P. use dem Cocoa Puffs. Play much nice. Plus they make the milk chocolaty.