I only have 1 yoyo.

I only have 1 yoyo because all yoyos are the same. No 2 yoyos are different.

Well youre crazy.

Sorry, I’m just gonna say that your attempt to be Haru failed incredibly.

That means all music is the same, I mean in the end, it’s just noise, right?

Yup. And all people are the same, there is only one man. Well, and one woman. Me, and my dream girl of course!

There is also only one galaxy. And one law of all science. And you’ve only taken one breath, because they’re all basically the same. Breath in, breath out. Etc.


This made my year.

Every country’s the same; all governments are alike

Every car is the same; they all have four tires and a motor

Every earthquake is the same; they all shake the ground for a bit

Every person is the same; they’re all human

Every videogame is the same; they all waste time

Every thought is the same; they all originate from the brain

Four legs good; two legs bad.



If he tried to be Haru, the post would have been three paragraphs longer and had woof at the end.

Nice sheep quote.

But you list multiple yoyos as your favourite . . . Why are just they your favourite if all yoyos are the same?

The names are different. 8) Oh, wait… They are in fact the same. ???

I only have two yoyos. Two Loop 720s…

In that case all your yoyos are the same.

That is true, but the slightly-not-even-deep-ness of the post reminded me of Josh’s posts. The only differenc between these two are that Josh’s generally make some sense.

If this were one of josh’s posts it would have been meaningful and made the least bit of sense ;D

Y’know, if BCmaddog had posted this thread there would be like 20 pages of flame in it.

Are you TRYING to start a Fight?