I need your help!!

So I have been making yoyo videos and tutorials for over 10 months now. Wanted to add a new component to my channel but just don’t know what to add? Any suggestions? Anything that might help you guys out? Not relly into the review aspect (maybe in the future just not now).

One thing I have considered is to ask for people to submit mounts or movements and have me originate tricks from there.

I am just happy to watch a lefty there are only a few doing tutorials thanks very much new subscriber here

Same. I’ve been wanting to film tutorials but I thought no one would be able to do them because I was lefty. Thx for giving me hope.

Put a mirror slightly larger in front(facing) of your monitor. Stand behind your monitor and look over the monitor at the reflection from the monitor screen. < All righties will be lefties.

PS… I am a Lefty… by the way. And I have used the mirror thing for many years now.

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