i need to choose before 10 o'clock today


ok this doesnt matter my prefrances. any thing goes for this one please vote i need to choose before i go to bed thanks from sternberg97.

(Connor) #2

We really need more info, we cant really decide much.

by the way, if your gonna get a Mini then get a MiniMoTu not Trix. I have heard bad things about Trix.

But if i had to choose for you based on your skill, then i would say MoTrixx. ???

Dont get the Flea as a main player, its not made to be a main player. You would be much better off with a MoTrixx

(JonasK) #3

These yoyos are made for two different purposes. The Flea is made to create fun play. While the MoTrix is made to perform. I see that you already have a Hitman, which means that you already have a good performer. If you are looking for a main player, then go with the MoTu instead of the MoTrix (as Connor said), but if you are looking for a new toy you can have fun with, buy the Flea.


Mini motrix mighty flea is good but you would have more fun with motrix


I think he meant to say the Motrixx is good and the Flea is made for fun.

If you want a yoyo that preforms, get the Motrixx. If you decide to get the Flea, and you want a main player - You will be very disappointed.